Leveraging the Big ebook Deals of Others

Summary: I want to be able to DDA the titles on Scholars Portal that are part of the big ebook deals my school is too poor to take part in. I haven’t fully fleshed out what would be involved but here is the rough sketch.

DDA on the Scholars Portal E-Book Platform
Preamble: At present some OCUL schools are able to participate in a variety of big ebook deals and load that content on Scholars Portal. For those OCUL schools that cannot afford to participate in the big deals but who may still want to have access to some of the titles in the deal access options are tricky. The title might not be available for individual purchase or if it is it might only be available through an undesirable platform. It would be better if those schools could leverage, using DDA, the content that is already being loaded on Scholars Portal as part of these big deals. In this way the schools that couldn’t afford the big deal could access the titles their patrons need, the publishers would get paid for the content that was used and Scholars Portal ebooks would become the preferred ebook platform in Ontario.

Proposal: Working with YBP the following steps would have to be taken:

  1. SP would have to develop a trigger system on the ebook platform. Mimicking the triggers used by other vendors would make it more likely that publishers would play ball.
  2. SP would have to develop a means of notifying YBP of holdings info on the platform so that it could be listed in GOBI.
  3. SP would have to develop software to notify YBP when a title has been triggered.
  4. YBP would have to modify GOBI in such a way that SP could be integrated into DDA plans like any other aggregator.
  5. YBP would handle all the billing – it is possible that their current processes for handling DDA plans would be adequate for this to work.


    • Leverages existing partnerships with YBP.
    • Integrates into existing workflows.
    • Gives new purchasing options to schools that don’t for whatever reason participate in some of the ebook big deals.


    • Convincing publishers to allow their content to be used in this way.
    • Modifying the existing ebook platform to create DDA triggers.
    • Entitlement monitoring.